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Our carpet cleaning creates greater value for your carpets because of a number of things. The first and foremost important is that we used our core knowledge of carpet cleaning in cleaning your carpets. Secondly, our trained and experienced staff use only the high-quality and the most reliable carpet cleaners for your carpets.  Thirdly, our carpet cleaning services will never affect the texture and looks of your carpet. Instead, our specialized methods will keep the little thin fibers and polymers of your carpet intact while cleaning.


Foul odors, color stains, pet stains, you call us back and we got you covered. There isn’t no magic rather our cleaning services gives hardworking, trustworthy employees who ready and available to remove all odors, pollutants and bacteria that may harm your home and risk the health of your family.

Having a carpet and maintaining it do require regular cleaning. Experts says people in St. Catharines area need cleaning services twice and thrice a year. Depending on how you utilize your home and vehicle adding other factors such as smoke obtained from vehicles, cigarettes and more that will be recorded during the pre-assessment noted by our supervisors to spearhead the first process. Simply vacuuming your carpets is not enough when it comes to maintaining a good hygienic environment for the sake of health and happiness of your family. We all have kids in our home who keep spelling the food on the carpets. Even if you vacuum your carpet to clean all the food residue from it, the little food particles goes deep into the carpet fibers. Sometimes, the sticky agents get stick to carpet fibers and fail to remove completely even after the vacuuming.
Similarly, if you have pets in your home, their hair may shed deep into the fibers of your carpet. Furthermore, their pee may leave unpleasant odor into your carpets. The dirt and germs come with their feet from outside and invade the hygiene of your carpets. It doesn’t stop here. The moisture from any standby water, water spillover through a glass, or damages to sanitary system, may damp your carpets. The damp carpets are a good inhabitant for the bacteria and germs. The fungus specifically grows rapidly at the damp carpets.
All these things would bring disaster and sickness into your life through invading your residential carpets. We are here to help you in getting rid with all such issues through cleaning your carpets. Our professionals will clean your carpets through special cleaning techniques that renew your residential carpets.



Residential carpet cleaning
Commercial carpet cleaning


For our commercial services covers large offices, and restaurants. Our carpet cleaning services for any commercial spaces is flexible with updated plans fit for every size and areas.

Commercial buildings require the same level of care for the carpets just like the carpets in the home. In commercial buildings such as offices, a number of people come every day and walk on your carpets with shoes. You cannot ask them to put off their shoes as they are your business partners or employees. However, their shoes bring in more dust and germs into your office carpets that ultimately change the appearance of your carpets. Along with changing the appearance, they bring in more germs into your carpets, turning your office into a highly unhygienic place.

To maintain a good and hygienic environment into your offices along with maintaining the look and cleanliness of your carpets, we are here with amazing packages. Just pick up your phone and call us to book an appointment today. We provide the most competitive prices as well as the fastest and high quality carpet cleaning.