stain removal in progress

Stain removal has been part of our cleaning services. With the various stains that we encounter, we send in teams with expert carpet technicians to clear any stains found in your carpet, furniture, sofa, room.

With a house with carpet free from stains is important in maintaining health and image. It is a message telling more about the owner, and important in showcasing clean, safe and positive atmosphere where guests can be free from any bacteria and comfortable in staying in residential or commercial places. It will tell your friends and family that you are a person that really cares about maintaining a good hygiene and a good environment. The clean carpets at your home will also add more credibility into your image in front of others. In contrast, if you will have dirty carpets with a lot of stains over it, it will impose a very negative image of you to others. Furthermore, it will affect the overall looks and aesthetics of your place while developing a really bad image about it in the minds of others.

No matter whether you have new furniture, polished walls, and great architecture of your home, if your carpets show a lot of stains, it will decrease the overall beauty of your place. Therefore, if you have clean carpets with no stains, it will deliver a more positive image along with enhancing the looks of your home. Most of the people try out various methods to remove stains from their carpets but fail to remove them completely. At other times, various stain removal techniques result in fading the color or damaging the texture of your carpets’ sensitive little fibers.


Therefore, it is crucially important to hire a professional help like St. Catharines Carpet Cleaners. There are the following reasons for why you should hire us for stain removal from your carpets:

  • Our stain removal services would never let your carpets wet or moisturized for days. Through our professional techniques, we clean the carpets without making them wet or damped. Instead, our stain removal through steam producing tools would make your carpets dry within the least possible time. In this way, carpet cleaning St Catharines assures the stain removal in the most effective way.


  • We use the specialized techniques and proper machinery to remove the stains from your carpet. Not a single machine or a single technique is enough to remove all types of stains but it needs a more variety.


  • We have professional team members who know how to remove stains from the carpets and which stain requires which technique to remove it completely. There are different types of stains and different stains require different treatments but only a professional know which treatment is best for which type of stain. Our team members are well-knowledgeable and experienced in this concern.


  • While cleaning the stains from your carpet, we take a special care to revive the original beauty of your carpets. Furthermore, our techniques are safe for the sensitive fibers of the carpets. So, your carpets will not be damaged or faded after having our stain removal services.